Monday, June 20, 2011

How To Bleach Drop Cloth

I enjoy the white drop cloth for furniture covers.    You can't buy the white cloth.  At least I haven't seen any.  I used 8ml drop cloth.  You can buy different sizes and weights.  I bought the a larger size (12'x15' for about $30). If you buy the larger size it is sewn in 3 sections.  Rip apart each section before bleaching so that the cloth has room to move around in your washer.
This is a recap of Miss Mustard Seed's directions on how to bleach the drop cloth.

Bleaching Drop Cloth Recipe
Put your drop cloth in your washing machine. 
Start the regular wash cycle and allow the tub to fill with warm water.  
Add 2 cups of bleach - make sure the fabric is fully submerged.  
Stop the cycle when the tub is full.  (I actually let it run a minute to make sure the bleach is mixed around).
Close the lid and leave it for several hours (4-7 hours).  
Then, continue the cycle and allow it to run. 
Repeat this entire process a second time, but add laundry soap in addition to the bleach. Soak, then run load.
Repeat this one last time, but add laundry soap, no bleach, and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide (3%). Soak and run load. The hydrogen peroxide neutralizes the bleach.
        This is what Marian of Miss Mustard Seed had to say about hydrogen peroxide:  "I had no idea there were so many uses for hydrogen peroxide!  Not only does it neutralize bleach, but it can be used to kill bacteria on cutting boards, tooth brushes, in bathrooms, and it's a great stain remover."

Dry in the machine on high.  You always want to preshrink material before sewing/using.

Drop Cloth is durable.  It was a bit little difficult to work with when I made the chair slipcover because it is thick and stiffer.  But it was worth it.  I am really enjoying the chair.


jena 04 October, 2012 16:13  

Your drop cloth looks so white! I followed the bleaching instructions but my cloth is still an off white. Can you tell me what brand drop cloth you use?
Thank You

Unknown 13 June, 2013 09:14  

Im also looking for this answer! lol I did it twice and Im not sure if its due to my "gentle bleach" or hard water but it barely looks any different other than being softer :(

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