Saturday, March 12, 2011

12of12 March 2011

Wow! March already!
1.  A HUGE bowl of frozen raspberries that Miss M was trying to eat.  She LOVES raspberries.  But I wouldn't let her finish them because it was from our last bag purchased from the cannery and we can't get anymore for a long time.  We all enjoy raspberries.
2. View from my indoor morning run.
3. Te Veo!  Self Portrait.
4.  Baby often will put on one, and only one, of her squeaker shoes and run around to make it squeak. 
5.  Potatoes to bake for our Twice-Baked dinner with the McKenzies.
6.  Little I doing her Saturday job.  Her first time cleaning the bathroom and she did very well (with a little help).  In the photo she is saying:  Wow! I'm tall!  I can reach to the top on my tippy-toes!
7.  B. learning about the Tsunami that hit Japan.  Devastating!
8.  M & B playing a game.  They enjoy playing "War" card game and Mancala together.  (M is wearing her eye patch for therapy).
9.  M blow drying her hair.  My Pearls are growing up way too fast!
10.  Surprise bunch of (about 15) photos.  There were several of me.  I didn't ever hear her taking any.  I really need to get my hearing checked.
11.  Some photo booth fun with "the cousins." Jenica and I were having a lot of laughs with our own photoboothing!
12.  Seed exchange.  Oh yeah!  'Tis the Season.  Thanks John!

But wait!  It's not over yet!
This is me practicing my crimping (is that right Jenica?) skills!
Then the real pro had to take over (I was going a bit too slow). Look at how calm and easy she does it.
 And the final photo of the evening: Fun Chaos!  
(Yes, I was actually trying to get a kid group photo but this was the best I got.  Can't go against the fun).


Anonymous,  14 March, 2011 07:43  

Looks like a wonderful day :)

jenica 15 March, 2011 00:43  

too much fun. such a good day, so happy you guys came up. xoxo

amy gretchen 15 March, 2011 11:25  

Looks like a lovely full day!

Ps I've decided we need spring.

I see you got your banner figured out. Love that photo.

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