Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12of12 April 2010

1.  Miss A emptying her backpack because she forgot to when Spring Break came.
2.  Shopping at Costco.
3.  A few friends took me out to lunch for my birthday.  Thanks so much! It was so wonderful!
4.  Miss A's friends over to play.  Trying to enjoy the decent weather while they could.
5.  B. is growing "hair" for her little guy.  I love the sight of grass growing.
6.  Little I trying out roller skates - and doing very well at it.
7.  Love the little tongue.
8.  "I looked out my window and what did I see..."
9.  Clouds rolling in.  The weather forecast was for showers later in the day but you never know what could happen.  But the rain did come, and some snow too.  I didn't mind because it is good for the yard.  What would be perfect if they rain come at night and then have a sunny cloudless sky during the day.
10.  One gummy bear was placed on everyone's dinner plate.  If they didn't eat it until after dinner they would get something more.  This was Miss I's (w/ my help) FHE lesson about being patient.  M and B had a hard time leaving their bears alone but everyone succeeded in not eating theirs before they were allowed.
11.  Miss M sharing her scripture at FHE.  I love how all the girls have to stand at the fireplace to lead the song, say a prayer or share their scripture.  They act like they are going up to a podium.   They do this in the morning for scripture study too.
12.  My garden awaits these wonderful seedlings.


amyfm 13 April, 2010 19:26  

the grass growing hair is cracking me up. Cute collage. :)

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