Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12X12 Photolog

1.  Mom Reading Date w/ 1st Graders.  I enjoyed the reading time with Miss M.
2.  Little M had a hard day.  She has a new (her first) tooth coming in and I think that is what is bothering her so much.  She would just all-out cry at anything.  I love her cries though, as strange as that may be.  She has a classic cry / wail.
3.  A beautiful day!
4.  Took the opportunity of the beautiful day to prune some of our fruit trees.  2 1/2 down --> 4 1/2 to go.
5.  Miss M wasn't happy with my pruning at first.  "Don't cut my climbing tree."  I then explained to her the benefits and necessity of pruning her climbing tree.  I think after a little while she was okay with it.
6.  Miss A and Little I were eating lunch outside today - hard to resist the sunshine.  Miss A went across the yard to get a chair.  As she was coming back one of the chickens snatched half her sandwich off her plate.  She was pretty upset.  I was amazed.  I new you would have to be careful with a dog around, but a chicken surprised me.  Especially because Little I was sitting close to the plate.
7.  Afternoon snack in the sunshine.  I think the girls were watching the chickens do something, but I can't remember what it was the chickens were doing.
8.  Miss A made this "wind sock" at school.  A Japanese parent taught them about Japan.
9.  I love be able to open my windows to fresh air and sunshine.
10.  Daddy-o (as Little I calls him lately) was helping B. practice back flips.
11.  Miss M had to have a turn too.
12.  Miss M accidently wrecked a little paper umbrella (then ones you use for food or drink decor.) that Miss A got at school.  So Miss M made one to replace the wrecked one.  She had to make a few because of requests by other sisters.  She was very proud of them.  And I was proud of her for making the effort to replace the one she wrecked.


amyfm 15 March, 2010 11:14  

love the collage. looks like a fun day.

I love opening my windows too as spring draws near. Can't wait for it to stay warm.

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