Friday, March 5, 2010

Babe's Baptism

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I was so proud of B.  January 23, 2010 was a beautiful white day, especially with the falling snow.  It was nice that many were able to come and support her in her decision to get baptized.  We missed those who were unable to make it because of scheduling conflicts.  
B. loves the shoes she received from her Aunt Glant (Thanks again).  Both her grandmas were able to come.  B. was also happy that Uncle Monkey made the trip.  We wish all the fam. could have made it (too bad they live far away).  It was a fun, exciting, and delightful weekend.  (Although I am bummed that I didn't snap any shots of the luncheon).  
It is amazing to think that my oldest is baptized.  Time DOES go quickly.  She is growing up to be wonderful person.  Reflecting on time passed I think about "what have I taught her?"  Hopefully some good.  I am grateful for her testimony and example to me.  Love ya Babe.


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