Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Observance

Laying on my hammock this beautiful Sunday evening I was able to do some relaxing and bird watching. Bird watching always reminds me of Grandpa Havenar - he was a bird watcher. M said the other day that when she grows up to be a mom she wants to fly. I think that would be an awesome thing. To fly. Feel free.
It is amazing how well the Robin blends in with their nest. You can see her barely at the top. I couldn't get a better photo without her flying away.
After she flew away I took a pic to see what lay inside. 4 Beautiful Blue Eggs. (I thought I took a pretty good photo for not being able to see what I was taking a photo of). I found out later that Robin eggs are blue for protection against color-blind predators.


jenica 17 July, 2009 22:23  

what an awesome moment. so glad you could have that to yourself and then share it with everyone. ;-D

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