Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stone Soup

The youth in our Ward are having Youth Conference this week. Stone Soup is the theme. Last night they made a huge pot of Stone Soup. Rob is the Scoutmaster and so works with the Deacons. He brought the leftover soup home last night. A lot was left over. He said we could keep some for ourselves and also divi up some for the neighbors. Today the youth are doing various service projects for organizations and for neighbors. The girls and I took around containers of soup to many of our neighbors. One visit was with an elderly gentleman who recently lost his wife. He is very lonely and wishes to join her soon. They had been married for 68 years and were rarely apart. Another visit was with a elderly couple - in their 90s. They are wonderful. We were able to visit with others as well. What a wonderful opportunity for us to be a part of Youth Conference and do service by sharing the Stone Soup with our neighbors!

And the soup is delicious too!!!


Amy 29 July, 2009 23:59  

I commented on your blog, but because I was looking back at when you had your baby I left it back on June 27th entry-duh. Take care.

Melanie Anne 01 August, 2009 23:09  

Hi this is Melanie from Sisters Cafe. I just wanted to say thanks for your comment and idea about the hootnanny pancakes. lemon juice and powdered sugar sounds like a yummy topping. And I had to laugh when I saw your 5 girls--I have 5 boys!! You have a darling family! Your girls are beautiful! And stone soup sounds very fun!

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