Saturday, May 9, 2009


I can't take such rejection!  Early Friday morning, and I mean early - 2am, I was awakened by contractions.  They were not close enough together to count for much, but enough to keep me awake for 2 1/2 hours.  I finally got up and took a shower so that I wouldn't just be laying around anticipating the contractions to eventually mean something.  Then I got to sleep after taking some tylenol.  So about 6:30am I was awakened again by contractions (and my little one making noise trying to wake someone else up so she could get out of bed).  Contractions continued but nothing consistant.  So all day I went through on and off times of heavy contractions.  Then around 5pm I was trying to relax while listening to B & M read to me.  The contractions were getting harder and closer - always definitely long enough.  I tried to put off  going to the hospital until it seemed necessary.  I didn't want to get there and then be sent back home.   So we dropped the kiddos off at a friends and headed to the hospital.  I was dinner time & I knew I would only get ice-chips for a long time so we made a quick stop to the Italian Place.  My choice: Pastrami Sandwich.  Yum!  Rob went in alone.  He said that he asked the worker how fast he could make a couple of sandwiches because his wife was in labor in the car.  Another man in line cracked up and said that was the best line he had ever heard.  They made the sandwiches in record time.   So I enjoyed my sandwich as we sped on. 

Checked in at the hospital and Rob did not want the room they put us in.  It was the same room that I began my delivery with B.  That one turned into an emergency C-section.  Rob does not have happy memories of the occasion.  But we stayed in the room.  Yes, my contractions were close, hard and consistant - for about the first 4x.  Then, unfortunately they slowed down and nothing changed.  BUMMER!  So after an hour+ of hanging out we were sent on our way.  UGH!  I have not had many hard contractions since.  So it looks like the last part of the this trek will seem even looooonger.


Kristi 11 May, 2009 12:05  

Bummer!! Well, I will pray for a speedy labor for you soon. I am sure you are ready! I can't wait to meet her! Any names yet?

Your mom was ready to head out and everything. I keep telling her to just go now since it will obviously be soon but, you know how well she listens. I guess she's ready to head out at 8:00 p.m some night! ha! Doesn't she know she's not 50 years old anymore??

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