Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Thing She Wore Her Helmet!

It was nice weather this week and so B. wanted to ride her bike to school. She was taking off and I noticed she didn't have her helmet on. I had her come back and get it on before going to school.
It had been 1/2 since school let out and she still wasn't home, so I was worried. At the longest it takes her 15 min. to get home. So I drove over to the school wondering if her tire was flat. I saw her and some other kids down in the dip of a driveway. The people have 2 seperate driveways that almost create a long U driveway. The kids cut through there to and from school. One side is long and steep. I pulled into the side of driveway where B. was and noticed the neighbor mom with them as well walking B.'s bike. B. had crashed. She got going too fast and ran into her friend in front of her. The friend received a mere scrape, which was good because she didn't have a helmet on. B. connected with the cement and her bike quite nicely. I was glad to see she had been wearing her helmet. She would have hit her head pretty hard if not for having it on. The helmet was scraped up on the front left side.

B.'s face and arm were a bit swollen. The photos don't show all the injuries she acquired. B. was acted pretty tough. The hardest part for her was not wanting anyone to see her crash wounds. She wanted me to cover up everything. So I did it big. The only thing that would really work by her eye was a knee bandaid. I asked her if she wanted to me to cut the bandaid down or adjust the bandaid. "No Mom, I don't want anyone to see where I got hurt." Well, I'm sure the bandaids would hide it all well - ha! She didn't want to go to school the next day because she didn't want anyone to see her. By morning she was okay with it and we had removed most of the bandages. at first she didn't want me to show the pic.s to anyone. So if you are seeing this post, she has changed her mind.A. had to get in the photo action too. She wanted me to take a photo of the wound on her foot. Can you see it? The red mark along the side of her foot. The mark on the left of the pic., not right.


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