Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Have A Love-Hate Relationship

with Christmas lights.  

I truly enjoy sitting with the room lights out and Christmas lights aglow with either soft music on or in silence.  But to get to that point can be gruesome!  Shouldn't lights last more than 1 season?  And why not the entire strand of lights stay on instead of just half?   The tree pictured here started out with ALL of the lights working.  By some miracle I discovered the problem bulb on the first try.  Do you waste your time, like me, trying to find that 1 bulb that is creating the problem? And then don't find it?  (I was amazed with the tree experience.)
So I put up lights and go through the trouble anyway because of the Love for those lights.
The children enjoy the Christmas lights too!  They even get some in their room.  Yesterday we went driving around to see lights.  This 1 house has an intense set up of lights that coordinate with music playing on a radio station.  It is a lot of fun to watch!


Kristi 15 December, 2008 20:56  

I love the way the lights look...hate putting them up! I have a pre-lit tree and still finding the one light that is ruining it for the rest of them is a pain! I found it this year when I actually touched the culprit light and it shocked me! (the bulb was broken)!

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