Monday, February 13, 2012

12of12 February 2012

1.  New Pendant.
2.  My usual breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries.
3.  Yeah! Snow!
4.  Each week at church Baby "escorts" Bro. Dougherty to Nursery to drop her off.  She holds his cane to "help him."
5.  Leftover birthday cake.  Rob turned 41 Friday.  Cake courtesy of Sister Dougherty.  Delicious!
6.  Baby singing her doll to sleep.  "Rock-a-bye-baby"
7.  Couldn't resist letting the girls play in the snow today.  It could be gone by the next day and this winter we don't know when it will return.
8.  Little I in the snow.
9.  Miss A at her primary teacher's house to pass off some Articles of Faith(Teacher requested not to be in the photo).
10. A common site: Little I drawing.
11. John's (little bro) and Maria's (friend) birthdays today.  And Abraham Lincoln's.
12. Baby getting a treat for using the toilet.  Not in the all or nothing stage, but just some incentive to have her desire to use the toilet.  Next month I think it will be time. (fingers crossed).  She's my last.  :)

To learn more about doing 12of12 go here.  It's never too late to start.


kylee 13 February, 2012 14:09  

okaaay number four is my absolute favorite! and that birthday cake... i could go for some right about now.

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