Thursday, February 9, 2012

12 Favorite Things Party

Ready to PA~RTAY!

Getting the Low Down 

We each brought a sample from a favorite recipe of 2011.
Mine: Sister Dougherty's Chocolate Cake

The Food Bar
I am so glad that recipes were shared!
Everything was DELICIOUS!

Tonya's Beautiful Desserts.
The presentation not only scored an A+,
but they were scrumptious too!

Each person also brought a list of 3 of their favorite things in 2011.
My 3:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Discovering the many uses of canvas drop cloth
Weekly Summer Hikes and Water Venue Visits with My Pearls.

We then brought a gift for each person (12 of one thing) that went along with one favorite thing from our list.
I gave a mini heart banner from drop cloth.  I made three different color combos. Below are 2 of them.

Passing Out (one of) The Favorite Things

Sharing Time
Great Moments of Laughter!

(not the best action photo, but you get the idea.
We were having a great time!)

Tonya, Annette, Jen, Amy, Brooke, Connie
Bev, Susan, Harriet, Angela, Mwa
It was such a wonderful night!
Thanks Susan for putting it together!
Too bad 2 others couldn't make it last minute.

The Hostess of Fun

The Goods

Susan gave us each a folder for the recipe and list from each person.  She also made the cute gift bags to take our goods home in.

Pinterest was a favorite for a few people.  The below saying was a gift too.  Brooke had several printed and laminated for us to choose from.  I love the colors, design and definitely the saying of the one that I chose.  It now hangs on a cabinet in our kitchen.

Another gift, not pictured, was from Harriet.  We each got some of an almond chocolate dip ice cream bar from Costco.  Whenever I go to Costco I see the inviting photo of the bars, but have never gotten one.  Yum!  I think that will change now.  But they are huge so I will be sharing whoever is lucky enough to be with me.

The evening was chock-full of
information, great people, great gifts, great food and laughter.

Thanks to Everyone for making it such a meaningful night!


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