Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12of12 November and December 2011

I am about a month behind on blogging.  I have stuff I want to blog, like our St. George trip and our Colorado Thanksgiving trip and other things, but haven't taken the time to do it.  Been busy with my biz blog, daily life and getting Christmas stuff made for the kiddos.  So this month 12of12 you get last month's as well.  Enjoy!

November 2011
1.  Sat. morning scripture reading.  Wait...what is Baby reading?
2.  Printing labels and packaging items sold in my etsy store.  I sold something everyday that week.  Woohoo!
3.  Working on an doll clothing order for a neighbor.  I had to get it done that day because we were leaving for St. George the next.
4.  Reffing women's volleyball.
5.  Cutie Pie.
6.  Someone was helping with my 12of12.
7.  More sewing (and picking).
8.  Baby shower for Alicia.  She had a baby boy.  Congratulations Neighbor!
9.  Shopping to finish up said doll stuff.
10.  Dinner (or part of it anyway).
11&12.  Two of our favorite people: Brother and Sister Dougherty.  More on them to come.

now onto
December 2011
1.  Tredmill run.  They day seems to go better if I get up and exercise before My Pearls are awake.
2.  Scripture reading.  B. helping Little I.
3.  Delicious breakfast!
4.  Baby loves to help put the silverware away.  I think it is becoming her daily job even though it is part of someone else's - I don't think they mind.
5.  Photos of a pillow cover that I was putting in my etsy shop.
6.  Playing on the kids computer.
7.  Baby and Little I love to have me blow the hair dryer and them while I'm doing my hair.  They then squeal and run away and shortly thereafter come back for more.
8.  Jumping on my unmade bed.
9.  Got my November 12of12 ready.
10. Sewed Christmas gifts.  Can't reveal anything because the recipients will read this blog post.
11. Miss A had a Christmas Ballet Performance.  She did a wonderful job!  We are proud of you Miss A.
12.  Muppet Movie for FHE.  My oldest daughter (9 years old) seemed to be the most into the movie.

Wow! I can't believe the year is almost gone.  It has been a year of growing.  Thanks Amy for this fun photolog experience.


Meili 13 December, 2011 21:08  

Ooh! I love your bird pillow!

kylee 14 December, 2011 16:52  

i always tell myself my day will be better if i get up and run in the morning. i seriously need to get on that. my favorite is that you have scripture reading pictures in both months. such a good reminder that it needs to be a part of daily life. delicious breakfast times ten.

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