Friday, September 30, 2011

FHE Day Camping

We had a fun Family Home Evening this week.  I had been up to the mountains a few times last week and wanted to go up as a family.  I love all the fall colors and wanted to enjoy it as a fam.  So Day Camping was a must.  And it did not disappoint.
Cool looking caterpillar.

{Here comes a photo, got to tip the head.}


My Pearls were fascinated with the mushrooms.
Shroom anyone?
Heart of the trip.

I saw this view several times as I escorted my daughters to the bush bathroom again and again.  There were bathrooms close, but locked.  There was even a camp host around.  ???
 Mmmm S'Mores!
 Just Right!

Rob knew Baby would tip her head for the photo and so did it at the same time.
 Love the S'More Smile.
 Miss A reenacting a scene from the Book of Mormon. Ha.
Well Done!


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