Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Fun Week 2

As I started to think about this week I thought it may not seem too exciting to you.  But we had a lot of fun.
(Again, all photos taken with the iphone).

~ Played a lot around home.
~ Basketball Camp for Miss M & B: a neighbor & friend is doing a free camp for her daughter and her friends.  So awesome of her!  This is once a week for a couple of months.
~ Riding the escalator at the mall.  This may sound silly, but my children were so excited for this entertainment.  Like a ride at an amusement park.  I found it hilarious and realized how little they don't go shopping to the mall.  Sad? Nope, I don't mind at all.  We take them to the play area at the mall.  Usually an in and out event and bypassing the rest of the mall.  Anyway, they were trying to walk up and down while riding the stairs.  I can't explain in words their excitement.  There were squeals of delight, jumps of joy, smiling faces and wishes that we could do it again and again.  I wish I could have videoed it but my hands were full holding up Baby in the stroller.  When we were going to the "down" escalator to leave Baby was yelling "down.down." with so much enthusiasm. 
Forget about Disneyland we'll just head to the mall.
~ Miss A - gymnastics
~ Mattress Riding.  I know you are jealous of all the fun we have.

 Took back the mattress because it had a crater within 2 months.  Bought a new one (that I can't return) and hope it lasts awhile.
~ BYU outing
Free Snow Cones
Traditional candy trading 

~ Summer Fun at the Central Utah Gardens.  A great resource for planning your yard.
Sam Payne and his band
Frisbee toss
Balloon Fun
~ This week's hike become a stroll (me and Baby) and roll (the rest of us). And it was a water venue as well.  A 2-for-1.  Thanks Dana ;)
As soon as the others took off Little I didn't want to ride her scooter.  She didn't want to because she couldn't keep up.  So she mostly strolled along side her scooter. On the way back to the car she got to ride on Rob's trike with him.
 Freezing Water Fun at the Falls
Bottom of Bridal Veil. (B in pink shorts and M just below her.  They had gone up to the greenery above B)
 ~ Weekly Movie Night.  This week's movie, Secretariat.  I highly recommend it.  My Pearls then had to act out the racing.
Go Big Red
So Fast (Yah, we even race cows around these parts).
What racing have you done lately?


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