Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great to be 8!

My Miss M turned 8 today.  8 is a special birthday number for us because she can get baptized.  She is excited for her baptism.  Today she shared her testimony (like she does every fast Sunday) and said how she looked forward to receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She is a sensitive but strong individual.  We love her so much!  
Miss M is a very creative person and loves to get others involved in her creativity.   
Performing a play.
She is an entrepreneur.  She made "clothes" out of material scraps "sewing" them together with my stapler.  She got her sisters and friends involved and actually made money.

She is holding play money, but she actually earned real cash for her "clothing."
Miss M's birthday supper choice: spaghetti and mandarin oranges
Cake choice: yellow, topped with cool whip and fresh whole strawberries (Oh how she LOVES strawberries!) and vanilla ice cream.

She enjoyed her gifts, but it was funny that above all she received I think the #1 gift would be the 8 pieces of bubble gum.  We had to pause opening presents while a sister went to the bathroom (no one can miss any of the excitement).  And Miss M saw the gum at the top of the present in the bag.  She could hardly wait to get the gum more than the main gift in the bag.
It amazes me that she is already 8.  Time is passing quickly.  It makes me think about what I am doing as her mother to help her be the best she can be.  She teaches me a lot and I hope she is taking the right things from me.  Thanks Miss M for being your sweet good self!
HaPpY 8th BirThDaY!


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