Monday, December 20, 2010

The last 2 days have been filled with Holiday Festivities.  Yesterday my 2 little helpers, Little I and Baby, assisted me with games at A's class party.  We then took a quick lunch brunch and headed back to the school for the school sing.  This is a high volume activity, some may need to bring earplugs.

Ward Christmas Party
 Delicious French Toast and fruit!  The 4 older daughters wanted there photo taken with there French Toast.
 A little whip cream on top.

 A blur of excitement!  The front of the line by Santa's chair.
This was a very jolly Santa.  He was GREAT!  He wore a stylish outfit with a jolly laugh and bells that jingled.  Then he pulled out of his bag a stick of laffy taffy. ??  Any candy will do I guess.  Children aren't too picky about that.  Ha.
B. sharing her list.
 Little I was so cute.  She jumped all the way up to Santa from the front 
of the line and had a huge grin on her face the entire time. 
Before she finished, she gave Santa a big hug.
 I love Santa's expression!  Later I asked M. what she and Santa had said to each other.
"I asked Santa what I did bad this year so I could fix it.  He said, no more wasting my money at the school store and fix when I played with B's yo-yo and accidentally broke it."  I wish he would've added that she needed to go to bed on time.
 A. shared her spot with Baby.  Baby had no trouble at all,
even when she was with Santa alone.
  Santa and My Pearls
Baby had her tongue out for all of the photos :)


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