Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Ones Christmas Party

There are 6 families that have split into 2 play groups for our little ones.  We take turns 1/week having a play date.  This week both groups came together to have a Christmas Party.  I believe all had a good time.  Below are some of the festive things we did.

"Jingle Bells"
The children made bell bracelets to shake to the music.  They loved it! 
I had a fun video of the kiddos dancing with their bells, but I can't get it to load - even with the several methods that I have tried. So here is an unfocused photo instead.
"Ice Skating"
This activity was so fun!  Everyone got involved (Kids AND Moms).  Debbie had wonderful skating music playing.  This is an activity that will be repeated in my home.
"Santa, Santa, Reindeer"
The younger children were so cute.  You could barely hear them say the words.  Sometimes they didn't, just tapped people on the head.  The older children didn't have any vocal inhibitions.
The children made sure the moms didnt' miss out on the action. 
 Craft: Making bell music makers.
Different than the ones they made at the beginning of the party.
 Delicious Rudolph
See?  Scrumptious!
My camera made Katie unsure of performing this stunt.  Drinking hot cocoa with a cookie as a straw.  The trick was to get the cookie in your mouth without getting the cookie or hot cocoa all over you.  Not as easy as it sounds.  The cookie melts as you are drinking.  It was very delicious though.  I know I would've made a huge mess if I didn't drop the cookie in the hot cocoa.  Maybe I'll do better next time.
 Katie did well!


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