Sunday, December 12, 2010

12of12 December 2010

1.  M needed to wear her eye patch but was not wanting to.  So B stepped in to encourage her by choosing one of the eye therapy activities to do with her (tossing and catching a balloon).
2.  Pancakes for breakfast.  Regular on the left, on the right are filled with fresh blueberries.
3.  Advent calendar.  In my rush to get it done for Dec. 1 I made a mistake and didn't put it as a count down, but with the date of the day.  Still works.
4.  Baby loves her thumb and something soft and furry.  She is holding Osita, her favorite bear.
5.  Lunch before church.  Gotto have an apron on.  Church is in the afternoon.  Can't wait until we are back on the 9am schedule.
6.  Not too many still moments around here.
7.  Sign by Miss M.  She and a couple other sisters enjoy playing restaurant.  Take orders, serve, M even insisted on making dinner last night.  We had Mac & Cheese.
8.  Still going strong with the potty training.  Little I actually has been my easiest.  She has only had a few accidents since starting a couple of weeks ago.  She doesn't need the gummy bear incentives any more, but if it keeps her going strong, why not.  And she is so proud of herself. And I am proud of her too!
(Just a side note about I.  She has told me so many times lately that she loves me.  She is such a sweetie and easily loved back!)
9.  This afternoon after church we went and visited a couple of neighbors by our old house.  First Sister Clegg.  Her DIL was there giving her a perm. (Thus, no photo). Sis. Clegg is 92 years old, still lives on her own and is wonderful!  Then we went to see Susie (in photo).  She lived behind us with a joining gate.  Susie is an animal lover (horses, goats, dogs, ducks, mini-horses, mini-donkeys, chickens...) and my children always were able to enjoy them as well.  It was nice to visit.
10.  Meds to try and get rid of a migraine that had been with me most of the day.  Ugh!
11.  Church Sing Along.  I left early with most of the kiddos.  They were too restless and my headache was not allowing me to enjoy it.  M and Rob were able to stay and enjoy all of it.
12.  Ahh!  A peaceful moment.  One of my favorite things around this time is to sit. just sit and ponder. and look at the Christmas tree lights without any other lights on.  This peace comes after the kiddos are asleep. 


Amy 14 December, 2010 00:20  

Looks like a fun day! I gotta know, though...why would anyone choose plain pancakes over blueberry? I guess we all have our things....

Shelley 14 December, 2010 13:11  

Some my daughters will eat them fresh, but not in the pancakes. Go figure.

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