Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12of12 October 2010

1.  Exercising on the treadmill.
2.  Child's Pose.  This used to be a relaxing pose for me.  Now it is very painful because I have Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder.  Though stretching is painful, daily stretching helps lessen the intensity of the numbness and pain in my arms and shoulders. I need to get on a routine again of doing Yoga at least 1x a week.
3.  Baby has been undressing herself to nothing while in her crib.  I guess she is ready to get out and since she can't get out, she will throw everything else overboard.  She has only done it after naps until last night.  I had to put her sister's Feeters on her because all of hers were still in the dryer.  Then I had to put a sweatshirt over that to keep her from wriggling out of the Feeters.
4.  Baby thinks it is a necessity to take her shoes and socks off every time we are in the car.
5.  Filling up the van with Natural Gas.
6.  Miss A loves this outfit with the matching headband.  Sad to say she may have lost it out the window during the car pool today.
7.  Baby requested silverware with her lunch today.  I love her proud face.  Yes!  I'm big now!
8.  Bottling spaghetti sauce.
9.  Little I of course fell asleep on the way home from picking up her sisters at school.
10. In my Master Gardener Class.
11. Book Club.  Tonight we discussed the Hunger Games Trilogy.
12. #10 & #11 were taken with my SD360 because Rob had to use the T2i for filming the youth tonight.


amyfm 13 October, 2010 12:53  

loving your blurry exercise shot. I love the child's pose and am sorry it's hard for you to do.

Miss A is so cute. I hope she didn't loose her headband. sad day.

jenica 13 October, 2010 20:33  

all of my kids have wriggled out of their clothes... until i safety pinned their feetie pj's at the zipper. saweet! looks like a busy day, but that's just how you roll right? when i see you next remind me to show you some more shoulder exercises to help loosen them up.


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