Monday, September 13, 2010

12of12 September 2010

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1.  Every time I get Baby in the morning or after a nap she hands me Osita (her little pink bear) to hug and kiss.
2.  M. LOVES strawberries.  Luckily we use the tops in smoothies so her de-stemmings don't go to waste.
3.  B. twirling before church.  This dress just came out of a storage box so she was excited to put it back into action.
4.  (oops out of order) B & M just began piano lessons and want to practice all of the time.  This is good.  Although, I wonder how long it will last.  B woke us up with her practicing.
5.  A. wanted a pb&j and so I told her she could make one.  She didn't think she could.  I gave her specific instructions and then she did it.  I love the pb on her hand.  She had to use a different knife for the jelly since the pb knife got a little messy.  She was so proud of herself!  I was proud of her too!  Her first pb&j job.
6.  Reminder for our community safety drill Monday night.
7.  A rare Sunday afternoon nap.
8.  Sunday afternoon craving.  :) Yummm!
9. M is creative in all she does.  She is on "dishes" this month (she puts away one clean load each day).  Today she is putting them away with tongs. (The girls all decided to be in their pjs all day - except for when at church).
10. Baby brushing her teeth before bed.  She gets mad when she has to be finished. Oh, she is growing up so quickly.  :(
11. M. has a 1/2 teaspoon fish oil each day.  She usually is the one to remind me that she needs it. She usually will eat it with yogurt or something after it. I have her taking it daily to help her focus.  I don't know if it is the fish oil or just psycological for her, but either way it seems to be working.  
12. M. is still a thumb sucker.  We have tried many things to get her to stop, but she still does it.  She says she does it sometimes because she is thirsty and so can drink from her thumb. Ha.  So the new trial: the jar is daily filled with 25 pennies.  Every time Rob or I see her with her thumb in her mouth she owes us a penny from the jar.  At the end of the day she gets to keep what is left in the jar.  She is obsessed with money as so hopefully this will work.


Amy 13 September, 2010 20:32  

I used to put the dishes away with tongs, too. How funny that I forgot that until I read your post.

Cute family!

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