Friday, August 13, 2010

12of12 August 2010

1.  The photo turned out blurry, but I thought it was fitting.  My senses were that way at 3:37am when Little I came in and woke me up.  I then couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour.  Ugh!
2.  Little I singing into the fan.  I remember doing this as a little kid.  Such exciting simple self entertainment.
3.  Smoothie!  We probably have a Fruit Smoothie every morning - or at least at one point of the day.
4.  Our neighbors are getting their yard landscaped.  Miss B. is very sociable, sometimes overly social.  2 days ago 2 landscapers came to check out the yard.  I saw her out the window standing with the men like she was part of the planning.
So then yesterday the landscaper began with digging trenches and putting in a sprinkler system.  My girls were right there to help.  He didn't mind --> Free Labor.  I didn't mind --> my girls were occupied and getting some "exercise".
5-10.  We enjoyed 4+ hours at our city pool with good friends.
5.  Miss A being throw up as she and Daddeo were coming off the slide.
6.  Daddeo and Little I enjoying the slide.
7.  Fun in the Lazy River.  Miss M kept trying to hide from the camera all day.  My expression is from trying to get her from behind my back because she kept trying to dodge the camera.  It had been an on-going play between us.
8.  Slicing Water.
9.  Miss B catching Little I.  I love how my girls are good friends and want to be together.
10.  Miss A and G.  Miss A had just been pouting because G didn't want to sit in the hot tub with her anymore.  I helped resolve the situation.  And soon after saw Miss A taking G's hand.  A silent apology.
11.  Snow Cones treat: Miss A and G.
12.  Tuckered out from a long day.  She fell asleep on the way home.  I knew she would.  She can't go far in the car without taking a nap.  Unfortunately she slept only until 8:30pm (& not the whole night through).  She then kept me up until about 11:45pm.  And then woke me up on & off through the night.  Ugh.  Again.

It was such a fun day at the Water Park! And we get to go again tonight with our Ward.  Yeah!


jenica 14 August, 2010 11:46  

such a fun day!
will you send me that hand holding pic? too cute. thanks for inviting us.

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