Sunday, January 10, 2010


8! That is amazing. It is great to look back and remember moments in your life up to now. I am proud of you! Thanks for being such a help to me and a great example for your younger sisters. I thought I would put some things that you enjoy right now. ~Reading, reading and some more reading! The thing someone can find you doing the most. ~ Drawing. You are a very good artist. It makes me happy to see your art. ~ Playing computer games. You have always enjoyed media. ~ Along with that is movie watching. I enjoy our (usually just the girls and me because Dad is working) weekly movie nights and popcorn. ~ You enjoy playing with your sisters and friends. I'm grateful for the friendship that you share especially with your sisters. ~ You are so excited to get baptized. You have a countdown for your baptism day. I love it! ~ You love to learn. I think that goes along with your love for reading. Here are a few photos from your bday. It was GR-8!


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