Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving (yes, I'm a little late on this one)

Scooters - check
Flip Flop - check
Bananas - check
Wipes - check
Throw up bucket (just in case) - check
Bikes - check
Kiddos - check
Baby - check

Ready to rollllllllll!
The pile of necessities that looks like a mess really isn't a mess at all but is organized in a crate :)

This year we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving.  We did "The Gathering" for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas this year.  It worked out well.  Unfortunately Jim and his family had to be gone most of the week.  They were nice enough to still let us use their home though.

We had a LOT of FUN!

Bummer.  I thought I took more photos at the bike park.  Dave's oldest LOVED the Park.  They went to a bike park many times while in Colorado!
It was extremely cold the 1st day going to the Bike Park.  The wind did not help.  The next day we went again and the weather was a lot better, but still cold.
Feeding Ducks

The Girls really enjoyed playing with Grandma's magnets!

Grandma paid The Girls to clean her floor boards.  I don't know if the wipes used were equal to the amount of dust collected.

Below the center photo is Grandma telling the Grandchildren a story.
The Story:
She was by the cemetery and so went to Sam's to get a piece of pizza.  My dad enjoyed Sam's pizza and they would get it a lot.  Sometimes even go to Sam's just for pizza.  Mom decided to take my dad a piece. For those of you who don't know, my dad has passed away.  She was putting the pizza on the gravestone when she noticed a police car pulling up.  Her thought: is this illegal to put food on the headstone?
No, it was just my bro. John who was a policeman (now on SWAT).  He was working in the area and saw my mom at the cemetery.  He got a laugh for the day (to this day) when he saw the pizza.  He told my mom that my dad didn't need the pizza.  So he went ahead and ate it for him.

We miss Dad and Buck!

Where's the Baby?

There she is!

Wednesday we went to Santa's Workshop.  Instead of continuing to put all the pics together like I did above, I decided to get a Flickr account.  So I will post a couple photos of the adventure and you can look at the rest on my Flickr. I guess I need to figure out Flickr's system better.  It uploaded my photos out of order.  Oh well, you still get to see them, just not in the order they happened.

Grandma enjoying the ride!

Not all the cousins got a photo with Santa together so we tried to gather them in a different group shot.

All but one made it in the photo - even though only one child was looking at the camera.

Quick stop at Balance Rock in Garden of the Gods.

Then the Sister-In-Laws had a Movie Night

and saw

New Moon was better than Twilight Movie.  I think that they had a better director for the 2nd film.  He also filmed Eclipse.  So I'm looking forward to that coming out.

(You will have to look on my Flickr to see more photos from this day).

The cousins with Grandma and her M&M Turkeys-the longed for Thanksgiving treat.

I'm so grateful that my Family was able to get together.  Sad that Jim and his crew couldn't stay the entire week.  I wish we could get together more often.  I love The Cousins being together and becoming friends as well.  Thanks Fam. for a wonderful week!


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