Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Treats

Wendy Witch!

Pumpkin Carving

A Tall Pumpkin.

Miss M really enjoyed the pulp / "guts." She kept taking from the pile of pulp and putting it in her pumpkin. Then she would mix it around, take it out and do repeat the process.

The Master Pieces!

Halloween School Parade & Parties

Primary Party

Nightmare Express

Snow White, 2 Witches, Scarecrow (who's nap was cut a little short), Fortune Teller and Baby Bunny (who wanted to eat) off to ride the Nightmare Express. The older girls were unsure this year and wouldn't even go through the opening tunnel. They waited for me on the other side. After the first tunnel on the train they decided it wasn't scary and M & B kept repeating (maybe to convince themselves) "This isn't scary."

Off we go!

The Unscared Witch.

Soup & Bread Bowls

The day before Halloween I was planning on making bread bowls for our Soup Dinner on Halloween. But much to my delight I came home from school parties to find a bag of bread bowls sitting on our porch. Thank You to our wonderful neighbor, Suzy! She is the one who got us started on the tradition of soup & bread bowls on Halloween a few years ago. This year I made potato soup and it was YUM!

First door.

At this house my trick-or-treaters were told (by Suzy, the same as mentioned above) to help themselves to as much as they wanted. (YIKES!) They would've taken more, but the Gypsy felt it was time to move on!
Light Sticks (or known as "Sparklies" by I.)

and Candy

Checking out the stashes and sampling many. At one point while out Miss M said that she wanted to go home "because I have so much candy my bag is too heavy." At many houses she would ask if she could take 2 and sometimes 3, and they obliged.

We hope that you had a Safe, Fun and Happy Halloween as well!


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