Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthdays!

Okay so I am a little late for A's and M's is a few days early.  But nevertheless I would like to wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To  our tough and tenderheart.  We love you!  Wow, 6!  M has grown up so much.  She has just finished Kindergarten and is excited to move on to first grade when she can eat lunch at school with her big sis B.
M loves to dress up too.  She is a big helper with the baby and loves to help out where she can.  She will often clear the dinner table and put left overs in containers and the fridge without being asked.  M loves to help others!  She enjoys riding her new bigger bike and drawing with sidewalk chalk.  She is a beautiful singer and loves to dance.  Music is her thing!  Oh, I can't forget that she is also a photograher!
This year A & M had a double birthday party.  ALOHA!  (and if you hear A saying it, it would be shouted as loud as possible with a large arm wave from one side to the other).  We had a luau party and was a lot of fun!


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