Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's

For the occasion, last night I switched B. and M. into each others' beds while they were sleeping.  They woke up a little in the process but didn't remember in the morning.  I was going to switch the other 2 but the baby started to wake up a little.   I didn't want her to completely wake up so left them alone.  

B. has been excited for many, many days to play her joke on Rob and I.  So, this morning she was bummed that we were getting up before she had played her joke.  So, we oh so reluctantly climbed back into bed to give her a chance to play her joke.  The Big Joke:  SHE made us cereal for breakfast.  It is nice that the children think April Fool's means Serve One Another.  I wouldn't mind if they kept that up.  Then M. was supposed to be getting in the car to go to school and when I came out she was shoveling (yes, it is April, but the snow is steadily coming down) the driveway. She loves to serve.  She even said so yesterday.  I love my girls!


jenica 05 April, 2009 00:19  

that's way funny!


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