Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Sign of Spring

Saturday.  It was beautiful outside.  The day was animal love all around.  We hung out at one of the neighbor's for a little bit (no pic.) with her donkey, mini-horses, horses, goats, dogs & chickens.  We prepared to get our chicks.  While out front working around the garage, playing and waiting for the "chicken man", our neighbor was riding one of her horses.  She offered the girls a ride in the corral.  Of course they said Yes!  I. was a natural. (Pics. done with my phone - so may not be the best)  They all had fun!  B. wants take lessons.   

 Our New Furry Friends
The girls were so excited to get the chicks!  I, on the other hand, was a bit more anxious.  The girls have been so good about the chicks.  They have left them alone for the most part - of course they have to check on them now and again and again.  But it has been nothing like I feared.  They don't try and get them out of the box unless I say it is okay and they don't knock the box around or try and scare the chicks (usually).  The fencing on the box is to limit the picking up, especially to keep I. from diving in.  They need to be in the house for about 6 weeks.  I suppose we will get used to the night chirping.  M. said they kept her up a little last night.  For such little creatures, their voices carry loud and far at times.  I look forward to them moving into their permanent home out back and getting more fresh eggs.  The 2 chickens we do already have have been laying well again (2/day).   The chick experience has been positive and it is already day 2!  Let's hope and pray it continues to be that way  (:


jenica 30 March, 2009 11:45  

it's a wonderland at your house in spring. the kids can't wait to come back!


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